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Hā Hā Hawai`i, a new physical comedy play

`Aka`aka, laughter, should be sacred and must be protected. In keeping laughter sacred, three intrepid actors guard the "best medicine" of life in Hawai`i.

Devised and Written by Aitor Basauri, SH Murakoshi, Michael Burgos, and Anna Walden. Directed by Aitor Basauri. Performed by Suzen Murakoshi, Michael Burgos and Anna Walden.

Next Show: Orlando Fringe Festival, 2020.

Premiered: Feb. 6 - 10, 2019 at ARTS at MARK Garage,

Honolulu HI  96817.  Performances: June 7, 2019, Celebration Barn Theatre, Paris, Maine.  Jan. 23-25, 2020 at UH Manoa Kennedy Lab Earle Ernst Theatre, Honolulu, HI  96822.


Photo by W. Bell Photography, Lia Chang

BREATHE LOVE REPEAT, a near-life experience.

A "Samurai Super Daughter" struggles with her mother's love at the crossroads between east and west to affirm life between this world and the next. 

Written and performed by Suzen Murakoshi, Directed by Obie winner Ching Valdes-Aran.

Frigid Festival Interview - Suzen Murakoshi of "Breathe Love Repeat"


Suzen Murakoshi to Bring BREATHE LOVE REPEAT to Frigid NY 2/22-3/4



"...a heartfelt, emotionally resonant tribute to a person clearly enormously influential in Murakoshi's life.... It's a touching and evocative act of remembrance.", Loren Noveck

"Murakoshi is full of life onstage, bounding around and posing as 'Samurai Super Daughter.'... It's a lovely tribute from a daughter to her late mother."

- The Edmonton Journal, Iain Ilich

"Show Tackles Death Without Turning Dark.
... a beautiful meditation on treasuring what it means to be alive."

- The Calgary Herald, Stephen Hunt

One of "Six of the Best"

- The Calgary Herald, Stephen Hunt and Bob Clark

"I had no idea what Suzen's show was going to be about when I went and towards the end of it couldn't keep myself from weeping up as she vulnerably and poetically said goodbye to her mother in the show.

"I was touched as an audience member and grateful as a friend to have been a witness."

- Backstage: Unscripted, Ann Hu

"A 'Samurai Super Daughter' struggles with her mother at the crossroads between East and West to affirm life between this world and the next. With warmth and humour, 'Breathe Love Repeat: a Near Life Experience' tells the story of the last days in the life of a mother and daughter. This uplifting and life affirming show travels from the mountains of Japan to the islands of Hawaii. Delightful in its simplicity, and memorable in its expression, Ms. Murakoshi brings the clarity of life into focus by bringing us closer to the end."

Backstage Pass, Lia Chang

SLIPPERY WHEN WET, Written by Suzen Murakoshi, Directed by Ching Valdes-Aran


- The Herald


"...compelling and disturbingly truthful."

- The Herald UK, Mark Fisher


"The play addresses an equally bewildering array of prejudices with care, skill and brilliant theatricality."

- The Scotsman UK, Roderick Graham


"Suzen Murakoshi...has written with great skill a totally uncompromising piece..."

- The Stage UK, Brian G. Cooper


"...powerful theatre...with brilliant performances..."

- Edinburgh Evening News, Greg Russell


"Go and see it."

- The Independent London, Miles Kington


"...offers in one evening of theater the kind of boldness people spend a lifetime trying to achieve."

- Minneapolis Star Tribune, Rohan Preston


"...the play's insights seem even more relevent..."



"This is exciting theater."

- Talkin' Broadway, Elizabeth Weir

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